Progressive discipline policy


An example of a progressive workplace discipline policy draught is provided here as a source of reference for HR professionals and students studying HR. The idea behind progressive discipline is to let employees know when there is progress to be made in their current level of work performance. The disciplinary response from management increases with each professional misconduct, which provides employees with more time to either improve their professional conduct or ethical competence, or take responsibility for the consequences that are due to them in a fair manner. 

Here is a written policy drafted by me for Floxy Queens Enterprise Limited. It provides a means of comprehending what obligations are imposed by such policies.c

Floxy Queens Enterprise Limited, a fictitious Nova Scotia company, serves as the model for this progressive discipline policy. Floxy Queens Enterprise Limited is a small-medium-sized non-unionized business specializing in retailing beauty products. Floxy Queens Enterprise Limited has three retail offices located in Halifax and a human resource department. They are committed to maintaining a respectful and productive work environment where all employees are allowed to succeed.

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Progressive Discipline Policy 

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Abumere, F. I (2022). Progressive Discipline Policy for Floxy Queens Enterprise Limited. Nova Scotia Community College. www.flourishabumere.com