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Flourish Itulua Abumere
Academia-Entrepreneur-Social Activist-Investigator

A brief introduction about flourish, her general approach and more details on her ideas about gender role, health, social care, business and religious fundamentalism. 

Itulua-Abumere Flourish is an innovator in the championing of women development initiatives, her ideologies, literature's, agendas/programs, products and corporate social responsibility initiatives have empowered women with the skills and chances to enhanced their quality of lives and well-being, to become independent and productive, serve the nation Nigeria and certainly the ordinary people in her local community. She has chaired and served on different Boards in Nigeria and overseas a number of businesses including the South-South Nigeria Rugby Football Federation, Eti-Osa Foundation, NSSHRC, The African Girl Child Movement and the African Women Assembly. She is the owner and founder of Floxy Queens, Flo Plan, Social Service Director at Homesland, Co-Director of Daytona and an Intelligence Investigator.

She is a social activist, a reformer for social entrepreneurship, a mentor for younger generations and a recipient of some awards nominations. Flourish is married with children. She is a contemporary feminist acquainted with the persistent process of transformation in today's society, a writer with great interest into theories with more established sociological perspective, a talented business woman. She is passionate about human behavior and its connection to society as a whole, gender integration/equality, sustainable development strategies, social care and poverty, women empowerment, child abuse and intergenerational discourse to discover innovative resolution to Nigeria long-lasting problems.

Flourish uses research and writing to create an action with the goal of bringing about social change. To download her papers screw down. 

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On December 13th 2013, Flourish Itulua Abumere was appointed the chairlady subcommittee of welfare (FEMALE) at the South-South Nigeria Rugby Football Union, a zonal federation under the Nigeria rugby Football Federation which is the governing body for rugby union in Nigeria. It's also a member of the Confederation of African Rugby (CAR) and a member of the International Rugby Board.

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